I Am A Monument To All Your Sins

To say that Bungie’s swan song in the Halo universe, Halo: Reach has by far the most challenging campaign of all of the Halo games is a gross understatement.  To play the campaign on the highest difficulty setting, Legendary is for the most part, insane.

Checking my Bungie.net stats, I started playing the game on Legendary – Solo on September 22nd.  Ironcially, seven days after the release of Halo: Reach (For those of you who don’t know, Bungie has a little thing about the number 7).  73 days later, as of yesterday, I completed Legendary.

Seventy-three days.  Granted, I wasn’t knocking out 8 hours of gameplay a day.  But still, the fact that I was able to bang out the campaign on normal in 7 days tells you something about Legendary.  It takes a lot of time, patience, skill, and a whole lot of dying to make it through that monster.

And boy am I proud.

“But Will, why would you do this to yourself?” you may ask.  Here’s why:

BLAM! 325 Points All In One Sitting!

That’s right!  325 points of gamerscore goodness all in one sitting!  Finishing this game on Legendary all by yourself is worth a wholesome 150 points on its own with the “A Monument To All Your Sins” achievement.  Add in the Legendary achievement, “Gods Must Be Strong” (that can be grabbed solo or with a partner in co-op) and you tack on an extra 125 points.  And finally, for skipping over Heroic and heading into the insanity, you get the Heroic “Folks Need Heros…” achievement for another 50.

Two months of pure suck sure felt good after seeing that.

For those of you who are currently busting through this on your own, here’s a little list of rules I strongly recommend you remember while playing through Halo: Reach – Legendary Solo.

1) The DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is your friend.

2) There is never enough ammo for the DMR.

3) Do not waist your DMR ammo on Grunts and Jackyls. The pistol is your weapon of choice for taking them out at a distance.

4) In every level where there is a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer or Fuel Rod gun, there is a sniper rifle.  Use that on them from as far away as possible.

5) Melee attacks only make Elites angry and you dead more quickly.

6)  It’s perfectly ok to use your AI squadmates as fodder for Hunters while you sneak around behind them with a Rocket Launcher or Spartan Laser.

7) If there is a Rocket Launder, Spartan Laser, or Sniper Rifle lying on the ground, pick it up.  This is an indication that you will soon need said weapon.

8 ) Armor lock is almost completely worthless in the Legendary Campaign.  Enemies just wait for it to drop before they end you.

9) Don’t rush, and don’t jump into a firefight.  This game is best accomplished slowly, steadily, and through a scope at a distance.

10) If you need to run back to the beginning of a map to get more ammo, do it.  Don’t waist your time trying to push through with inefficient weapons that may be handy.

The interesting thing is that after playing Legendary, going back and playing it on Normal is laughably easy.  Anyway, I hope my little top ten above helps anyone on the path to gaming greatness.

And to Bungie, thanks for the last ten years.  It’s been awesome.

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  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    I know I will be using your top ten there to help me through having a go at completing the game on Mythic (all skulls on)

    Its great to see some other people sharing their campaign experiences; I spend hours throwing socks at the TV when trying to take on the map room – it became my Halo Reach version of the cargo bay on Halo2!

    Hope that you keep enjoying Reach, I know I will be for the foreseeable future!

    BG xx

  • http://wanderson75.wordpress.com wanderson75

    Good to hear from a fellow Halo-phile on here! I’m actually trying to get a group to go in on 4 Player co-op on Mythic. Not getting very many takers though.

    I think the hardest level for me was Exodus all the way through. Between the Brute Chieftains with their Fuel Rod Cannons and Gravity Hammers, and the Wraiths at the end, I had to have put in a good three or four hours on that on Legendary alone. I reckon going all skulls on is going to suck pretty bad. :-p

    Good luck!

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    Well I’m V 4 Volcanicity so if you want another buddy to take it up then let me know (I know that the folks over at Waypoint have suggested that its easier on SOLO but I nearly murdered someone when I tried to drop down in to that damn corvette, and I know I live and die by my radar!)

    Not sure how long it took me in all, but probably a week or so’s on and off playing for a good few hours around that stupid thing called work…

    Good luck with it – and make sure you keep us updated!

    • http://wanderson75.wordpress.com wanderson75

      Will do! Probably won’t be able to tackle it till after the holiday but I’m game.

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    Awesome, I’m away for most of the week this week and will be blogging from work and planning some new content like reviews of the campaign etc, especially on Mythic!

    Have a good holiday!

  • Dominic

    Tried Legendary. I will dig out my PS2 and marathon the entire DMC series in one sitting before I do that again. I prefer my masochism to have a spark of hope attached, however small.

    • http://wanderson75.wordpress.com wanderson75

      LOL. Wuss. :-p

      It was pretty tough. I know @bungiesgirl is going to try Mythic (Legendary with all skulls enabled), I won’t do that unless I’ve got backup though.

      Of course, SOMEONE backed out on me. :-P

      • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

        I am definitely going to give it a go and need as much back up as possible! I’m scared of having no HUD!!

        • http://wanderson75.net wanderson75

          Tell you what, I’m actually in town weekend of the 11th. If you’re game, let’s see if we can get a Spartan squad to crush it out in a weekend. :-P

  • Dominic

    Ah, now I remember. For one of the weekly challenges the first mission needed to be done on Legendary with mythic and thunderstorm on. That’s why it was so miserable. With all skulls on? No thank you very much.

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    @wanderson75 that sounds awesome – I am around for that weekend and as I will have been on my works do, I should think that I will just want to sit and chill with the xbox for most of the day not sure how far we’ll get, but I would love to have the whole game finished on mythic, but we shall see how it goes!

    At least we know we can get missions one and seven done lol!

    • http://wanderson75.net wanderson75

      Sounds good. I’ll see if I can con some people into going in on it with us *cough*Dominic*cough*

      • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

        lol, I’ll look after you ;-)

        We just need to sort out times because forgive me if I am being blonde but you’re in the US right, so we’ll need to check times… I have another recruit (Holburn) who will be able to join us so we just need the one more!

        BG xx

        • http://wanderson75.net wanderson75

          lol…no worries. And yepyep. If I recall, you’re about 5 or 6 hours ahead of me timewise, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting my play schedule.

          And very cool on the recruit! I think I’m gonna have to re-up my Bungie Pro account for the vid caps. :-P

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    ahh yes I have been meaning to upgrade so that I can blog some of the moments I have enjoyed, and play them over and over again lol!

    I just need to learn to use theatre properly and not do crappy shots lol!

    5/6 hours sounds about right – I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out now that I know I need a free weekend for halo!

    just excuse my hangover ;)

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    Hey there!

    Are you still around for having a go at some mythic this weekend? I have Holburn as my designated wingman & we will be online from tonight about 8pm GMT and around all weekend…

    Let me know if we can sort out some times!

    BG xx

    • http://wanderson75.net wanderson75

      I am totally down! With the exception of having left my copy of Halo Reach in Toronto at the in-laws last weekend. -.-

      I’m going to see if I can borrow a copy from someone or just rent it. Either way, I’ll definitely be on this weekend! I’ll be sure to get up early to catch you guys online. :p

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    Whoop! We shall hope to see you online then! I’m challenge hunting for now and we’ll take it from there!

    BG xx

    • http://wanderson75.net wanderson75

      Cool deal. I should be on tomorrow pretty early. Although that’s relative. I’m five hours behind GMT so I’m thinking I’ll be on around 3 or 4PM GMT.

  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    awesome, We’ll definitely be online dicking about so once we have you and there are three (or maybe 4) we’ll get cracking!