Kinect’ing For The Holidays

Well, it’s officially winter in Southeastern Michigan.  The flurries are coming down.  My car is grumbling on the slick roads since I’ve effectively doubled it’s horsepower.  No fast driving for me for the next three months.  What to do…

In previous years, this has usually been the season where I stay indoors as much as possible, crawl under a blanket, and gain an extra 15-20 pounds from all of the holiday turkey and ham and fixins’.  Of course there’s also the holiday shopping, which I try to get done as early as possible to stay away from the hordes of last minute shoppers.

But this year is a little different.  Since I received my Kinect sensor, there’s been quite a bit less time on the couch, and much more moving around.  Unfortunately, I’m on a spending freeze for personal goodies since it is the holiday after all, and being married means that I have to leave something for my spouse to purchase for that wonderful day, December 25th.

So right now all I can do is dream.  And what am I looking forward to?

Video Games

Dance Central – Yes.  I’m looking forward to playing this one.  Behind closed doors and with the windows shut, of course.  But this looks to be a very fun game.

Kinect Sports – This is an exceptionally fun game.  I could see myself spending many hours playing Table Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, And Volleyball.

Assassin’s Creed II - Yeah, I know.  It’s been out for a while.  But with a pile of other games topping my list this last year, I just haven’t had time to sit down with it.  But now it’s on the top of the stack.  And as soon as I get done playing Mass Effect 2 for the billionth time (this time with all the DLC), I’ll be popping that in the tray.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – As soon as I get done with ACII, this’ll be next on my pile.

Halo: Reach – Of course!  With the new Noble Map Pack out, I’ll be sprinkling some death from my DMR here and there throughout the winter.


Tron: Legacy – This is definitely my holiday topper.  I feel like I’ve been waiting 25 years for this movie to come out!

MegaMind – Going to see this on Saturday actually.  Can’t wait!

The Tourist – I’m intrigued by this one.  I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp and I’m hoping this one is better for Angelina Jolie than Salt was.  Such a disappointment…


Despicable Me – releases on December 14th.  I saw this twice in the theatres and I still want more.  I’ll probably watch this a few hundred times over the next couple of months.

Red Vs. Blue: The Recollection – If you don’t know of Red Vs. Blue, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  Reliving the last three seasons is certainly going to be a treat.  Unfortunatley, there’s no Blu-Ray option yet, but I’ll still be enjoying this in all it’s DVD glory.

Back To The Future Box Set – Yeah.  It’s kind of nostalgic.  But hey, that’s me.

And of course, planning the next car project to make it better, stronger, and faster.

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  • bungiesgirl

    Yay for kinect! We’ve definitely been much MUCH more active since getting ours in and sorted, even if it has made our living room look like a complete bachelors pad – huge space with beanbags ready for killing and maiming on Halo…

    Sooo looking forward to Tron: Legacy and we are planning to have an Aliens weekend which should be fun (I love a good movie marathon!).

    Send some more snow over the pond to the UK – I want to get snowed into my 4th floor flat with redbull, pizza and halo please!

    BG xx

    • wanderson75

      LOL…tell you what. You can have all of the snow. I’ll try to figure out how to ship it over. :-p

      And yeah. I had to do a bit of rearranging myself. Picked up a Gamer Chair as well since I’ve effectively tripled the distance from my bed to the TV. I just recently picked up a TV mount for my Kinect and a wallmount for the wife’s. I’ll be doing a review on those shortly.

      • bungiesgirl

        Definitely ship it over!! You an your wife both have your own kinects?! awesome! We need another TV so that we can both have our own too!

        looking forward to the review :)

        BG xx

  • Dominic

    “Dance Central – Yes. I’m looking forward to playing this one. Behind closed doors and with the windows shut, of course. But this looks to be a very fun game.”

    Your man card just got revoked.

    • wanderson75


      • Dominic

        My little woodland creature, you saw the shadow and knew your fate was sealed. Had you lied and said it was the wife’s idea I’d have ridden a thermal on to more promising hunting grounds none the wiser.