Console News For Monday, December 20

Only a week left until Christmas.  Have you gotten your shopping done?

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Coming To A DS Near You

Dragon Quest fans rejoice!  The 1995 continuation of the Dragon Quest series is finally coming to the States on the Nintendo DS handheld console.  Originally released on the Super Famicom (Japanese Version of the SNES), DQVI was never brought over to the US for commercial release.  No release date yet however, but stay tuned for more info.

Source: Nintendo

Two Months After Launch, Lego Universe Reports 86,000 Player Properties Created

Looks like players are keeping the content moderators over at Lego Universe busy 24/7 with the content they’re creating.  Since the launch of Lego Universe, those users have created over 86,000 pieces of User Generated Content from Castles, to Space Stations and everything in between including grandiose vistas of mountains with rivers, trees and bridges.  It seems that the possibilities are endless with this game as it continues to grow.

Updates and new content for users who partake in this MMO are created regularly.  Most recently, the “Frostburgh” addition created, “a new festive world for players to explore for the holidays, complete with wintery missions, models and achievements.”

I can’t get enough of this user generated content.  If I had any artistic talent, I’d be tempted to jump online and pitch in myself.

Dance Central Adding Blur, Rihanna, And Janet Jackson To The Groove

Harmonix has announced new Downloadable Content to be released tomorrow, Tuesday, December 21 in the form of Rihanna’s “Disturbia”, Blur’s “Boys and Girls”, and Janet Jackson’s “Control”.  Queue these up on your Xbox 360 at 240 MS Points per song.

Source: Dance Central Website

Bungie Releases Updated Halo: Reach Stats.  Over 1.3 Billion Served

Bungie has released their latest Halo: Stats in the usual fine Bungie fashion with a nice little poster for your viewing pleasure.  So what are the stats?  Well…

  • Games played over Over 1.3 Billion Games since 9/14 resulting in,
  • 24,000 years of game time, earning an economy of
  • 900 trillion credits.

And the sweetest of all?  Bungie Employees have lost over 23,000 matchmade games.  Keep up the good work Spartans!


MLG Lands $10 Million Financing Commitment From Private Firm

MLG has announced the intial close of a ten million dollar agreement from Legion Enterprises, a private equity firm that invests in properties and companies that appeal to “digital mavericks” in the 16-24 age demographic.

Per MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni, Over the last eight years we have set out to build competitive gaming into a global, cross-platform business and thanks to investments from companies like Legion Enterprises and Oak Investment Partners, that vision is well on its way to becoming a reality.”

You can expect to see the MLG adverts on the tele real soon.

Source: BusinessWire

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