Square Enix – Halo: Reach Action Figures Now In The UK

To all of my good friends in the UK, you can now get your Squenix Halo:Reach action figures without having to buy them in the States and have them shipped over.

For those of you who don’t know, these action figures are larger, and far more detailed than the McFarlane Toys figures.  They are fully articulated and come with interchangeable hands.  Series I was released with Jun, Noble Six, and Emile, with Series II containing Kat, Jorge, and Carter to be released some time in 2011.

Gamingzap.com has acquired a small quantity of these collectibles ahead of the currently unannounced UK release date.  Who knows how many or how few they have available, so you may want to get ordering right away!

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  • http://bungiesgirl.wordpress.com bungiesgirl

    Thanks for sharing these Wanderson!

    It’s great to see that they have finally made it over the pond & to the UK… I know what will be on my Christmas list now!

    BG :)

    • http://wanderson75.net wanderson75

      Glad to help! I knew you were looking for them. :)

  • Dominic

    Wait, what? The hell does sqeenix have to do with Halo? Keep your damn grubby paws off my Halo!! Go back to driving my fond memories of Final Fantasy into the dirt!

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