How Hello Kitty Led the Way to Gamer Chic Accessories

“Attention everyone.  Attention please.”  A pleasant (but loud) woman’s voice announced the end of 2011’s E3.  Ah the relief that we felt!  As exhilarating as E3 was, it was equally exhausting.  As our group made our way to the West Hall’s exit, the guys decided to do some last minute networking.  Looking around, I saw a huge kitty head peeking over a counter.  Delighted, I dragged my friend Karin over to the R.D.S. Industries Inc. booth to take a picture with the giant stuffed Hello Kitty.

Mission accomplished, we looked around the booth at the various gamer bags and accessories.  What really grabbed my attention were the cute plaid purses being displayed on a shelf.   They turned out to be R.D.S’s Game Traveler Hand Bags for the Nintendo DS and all of its various versions.

The R.D.S booth’s personnel were extremely nice,  asking questions about what sites we were representing and where we hailed from.  Of course,  once they learned we were Canadians, we got the usual jokes about our usage of “Eh”!   When it became evident that they weren’t in any rush to shoo us from the booth, I asked how much the handbags were, and the gentleman replied, “I’m sorry, but we’re not allowed to sell them as they’re display only”.  I had a moment of feeling (and looking) downcast, before he followed up by taking the purple bag off its stand and offering it to me with a “but I can give it to you”.  Without a moment’s hesitation, he casually handed the pink bag that Karin had been eyeing to her as well.  Awesome!

Now, being an X-Box and PC girl, you’d think I wouldn’t really have a use for a Nintendo DS hand bag.  But seriously, take a look at it!  The size and shape makes for a perfect makeup bag to be toted around.  Similarly, as plaid is ‘in’, a non-gamer girl could even use this as a purse for parties and clubbing.  Girls can easily fit a wallet, cellphone, and makeup into this bag!

Obviously, the more conventional gamer girls will find this nifty bag to be quite useful for their Nintendo DS systems.  The padded bag is roomy enough to fit the DS system, as well as an adapter and other DS accessories.  The bag`s cushioned interior guarantees a safe home for the DS.  Additionally, the front pocket can be used to store some of your DS games and styluses, so you‘re not stuck with just one or two games on the go.

All in all, the Game Traveler handbag is amazingly multi-functional and is an absolute must for the chic gamer girl, no matter her age.

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June 17, 2011 - 1:07 am