Put the Snake Back in the Box…

Dear Kojima Hideo-san, please make a third Zone of the Enders game.  It is nearing the ten year mark and we have rumors, and naught else.  Jehuty was so awesome I forgave you for Leo Stenbuck, the most irritating protagonist this side of EVERYONE in Shining Force Neo and roughly half the cast of Evangelion

…And speaking of heavy-handed philosophy in a format unsuited for it using characters who only manage to make those watching start rooting for the bad guys, please be careful as to the amount of Evangelion you mainline on weekends.  I respect your ability as a developer far too much to disregard the philosophical tones of your games but Dingo got kinda preachy, enough so I found myself at times hoping ADA would flip Dingo’s life-support off and on a few times to get his attention.  But then you allowed me to destroy an entire fleet of battleships which made all the bad feelings go away.

Happiness would be the next game having an Achievement/Trophy for going back in time and killing him.


A defining characteristic amongst the most notable mecha is that they were nimble machines capable of generating incredible amounts of carnage all out of proportion to their physical size.  Gundams and Mortar Headds are perhaps the best examples of this.  Jehuty did what they did, and did it well before (once Zero Shift got into the game, did it awesome, but that’s neither here nor there) so why not again?  You’ve expressed interest in going forward with the saga of ADA and Jehuty so what are you waiting for…unless ZoE 3 was the cancelled project you were lamenting, in which case I’m on the next flight out to relieve the worldly cares of some Konami executives via involuntary assisted seppuku.

The first ZoE was technically pretty and fun to play though a touch repetitive.  In Anubis you took everything you did right in the first game, improved it, and then walked away from a still which dispensed perfectly distilled mecha action?  You made the player feel like an amalgamation of Heero Yuy, Maximum Holtfors, and Shadow Red.  Defending the colony, the massive battle on the approach to Aumann, the compression-space fight with Anubis, the list of memorable moments goes on as a result of the loving craftsmanship put into the second entry in this saga…to say nothing of the badass visuals and designs.

This is what awesome looks like. And we want more!

But getting down to it: You’ll make ZoE 3 after you’re done with Rising?  You’ve been projectile-vomiting MGS games at us for years and now you tell us to wait until you’re done with a game starring the guy NOBODY LIKED from the MGS universe??  Giving Raiden a sword and making him look like Fangoram’s kid brother does nothing to convince me he shouldn’t have died on that oil rig and deserves to eat up the resources and development time better devoted to a fresh game people have wanted for going on a decade now.  Quit tweeting what you’re having for lunch and hop to it, oh leader of Clan Lightning Fox.

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