Let the Fun Begin at FanExpo 2011!

Toronto’s FanExpo 2011 is fast upon us!  The largest Canadian multi-genre convention has been expanded to four days, starting this Thursday, August 25th and ending the evening of Sunday, August 28th.  For those of you who have been completely oblivious to this veritable geek-and-lovable-freak invasion each summer for the last 17 years, FanExpo takes over the entire South Hall of the Toronto Convention Centre.  There’s something in it for everyone, as the floor is sectioned off for its five main genres: Comics, Anime, Sci Fi, Horror, and Gaming.

Comic fans can go meet some of their favourite authors and illustrators, while anime aficionados can catch a glimpse of voice-actors from near and far. Not your cup of tea?  Then venture off to the Sci Fi and/or Horror sections; rub shoulders with Elvira, vampires and ghouls, have a make-up artist transform unmarred skin to grotesque gashes, and meet some big-name actors like William Shatner, Eliza Dushku, Tom Felton, and Hayden Panettiere.  If you’re just a hard-core gamer, then be sure to check out the Gaming Expo, where you can demo upcoming releases from Ubisoft, Konami, and other publishers, try out Sony’s PlayStation Vita, or enter the Call of Duty tournament for your chance to win an LG home theatre and gaming package.

That’s not even half of what goes on!  Hundreds, if not thousands, of patrons come dressed up as their favourite characters and partake in the Masquerade, vying for different prizes.  Also, dozens of genre-related events happen in media rooms, ranging from sketching duels to movies/show screenings.  Meet the casts of Lost Girl or Red vs. Blue.  Stroll down the Artists’ Alley for one-of-a-kind artwork and signed prints.  Tired of walking?  You can go sit down at Snakes & Lattes for some good ol’-fashioned board game fun or visit one of the many cafeteria areas to refuel.

With so much to see and experience, you need at least two days to fully enjoy the FanExpo!  So, what`s Wanderson75.net looking forward to at this year’s Expo?  Read for yourself:

Mark: What I’ll be looking forward to is Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  The Tom Clancy franchise is one of my top favourites and it has been four years since the release of the last iteration.  I really want to see how it plays since the major overhaul from last year’s E3 demo.  Especially for gunsmith; gun customization via Kinect looks impressive!  The next that I want to try out is the PlayStation Vita.  As much as I like the graphics, I’m still sceptical about purchasing one.  So, the games and features will have to be pretty convincing.  Aside from games, I want to see a panel about the state of video game industry with Mark Levitan along with meeting the guys from Red vs. Blue. Did anyone else notice that there’s a new event, FanExpo Speed Dating?  I wonder how that will turn out.

Mikeal-Paul: One thing I am looking forward to is trying out Assassins Creed Revelations.  Ubisoft definitely has some big-name games hitting the market soon, and it will be very interesting to see some of their games, like Rocksmith and Ghost Recon Future Soldier, up close.  I am also curious to see if Terra Nova will be a recycled Jurassic Park.  People I’d like to meet include the cast of Lost Girl along with Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks and Williams Shatner.  Additionally, the opportunity to get  an up-close look at the Playstation Vita would be a definite plus!

Will:   Besides the insane number of comic book back issues to troll through to add to my collection, I’m looking forward to getting down with some Rocksmith at the Ubisoft booth.  I missed it at E3, and I’m determined to get some hands on time with it at FanExpo.  If Sony flashes around the Vita, I’ll be looking forward to playing with that as well.

People to bug: Everyone from Red vs. Blue, Tommy Tallarico (Video Games Live), Matt Levitan (Sony)
People to hug: Michael Shanks, Eliza Dusku
People to run screaming from: Robert Englund

Erik:  As FanExpo looms closer, I can finally take a look at a more solid schedule for the event.  Something recently added is the exclusive pre-screening for upcoming TV show Terra Nova.  For those not in the know, the show starts off on future Earth where we can no longer sustain the planet and ourselves. In a last ditch effort to survive, they send people millions of years into the past to recolonize earth, before it was polluted.  On a gaming note, I’m looking forward to seeing a working copy of Rocksmith.  I’m very much a sceptic on the project, so getting to experience it will be a real treat, and hopefully set my mind at ease.  The rest, in no particular order are Eliza Dushku, Katee Sackhoff, William Shatner, Konami’s Skullgirls, PlayStation Vita, and Michael Shanks.

Yours truly: One thing that’s made me giddy with excitement is that Disney Interactive Media is gracing FanExpo with its presence – and with them comes the Disney artists who will be doing sketches for patrons.  I was sorely disappointed when my busy schedule didn’t permit me to stand in the 2 hour line-up to get my keep-sake illustration at E3, and this is my chance to remedy the situation!  Once I’ve gotten what I need from Disney, I’ll be amongst the fans scrambling to get more info on the upcoming Season 2 of Lost Girl.  Game-wise, I’m looking forward to spending time at Konami’s event, with hopes of getting my hands on Frogger 3D and Skullgirls!  Aside from all that, I’m always trolling for new artwork, so I’ll definitely take a walk down the Artists’ Alley.  Sometimes you’ll luck out with exquisite pieces at amazing prices.

What all are you looking forward to?

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