One Moment – A Brief Encounter With Steve Jobs

It was a brief meeting, in the early ‘90s, when I was living in the Silicon Valley and working for Apple Computer.  A chance introduction to the man who had been deposed by the Apple Computer board, and replaced by John Scully, of Pepsi fame.

I didn’t know or understand, while I was shaking hands with this man, what an impact he would have on our world.  The Mac was re-defining how people were using computers.  Ipods and Ipads weren’t even a glimmer of a thought, at the time.  I had seen prototypes of the NeXT, using CD technology that wasn’t being used in any other computers yet – It was a secret.  I didn’t get the underlying UNIX-based operating system of NeXT.   I didn’t recognize the genius and visionary skills of the man, because I was caught up in the whole Silicon Valley experience (which was pretty much work-a-ninety-hour-week-and-party-till-you-drop).  I didn’t realize that I was shaking hands with someone that would become an industry icon.

Now, with the passing of Steve Jobs, I get it…

I’m glad that Steve won the fame and recognition for being a master innovator and genius before his passing.  So many masters of the past didn’t gain recognition until after they were gone.  I’m hoping that someone will erect a statue for him.  I would be proud if they did this in the courtyard, between the six buildings that make up the Apple Computer Engineering Center (as it was called when we built it), surrounded by Infinite Loop Drive.  I had a hand in building this complex.  I wouldn’t expect that my name would be mentioned at all.  I would share in the glory of it in my own way.

Albert Einstein died in the same year that I was born.  I would have loved to have met him, if only for the enormous impact that he had on humanity.  I’ve met Steve Jobs, Steve Wosniak, Bill Gates (Mr. Gates and I were born on the same day in 1955), and John Scully, among others.  They wouldn’t remember meeting me, but I will always remember meeting them, for they were, and are, the Titans in the re-creation of humanity and society through technology.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.  Thank-you for taking the time to shake my hand, and for saying that it was a pleasure to meet me.  It was certainly my honor to have met you.

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