Food for the Thumbs: Get Your Snack On with GamerFood!

Ever since food companies came to the shocking realization that gamers enjoy eating, especially while they play, they have been trying to find a way to attract us with gimmicky snack foods with ridiculous names.  Since the beginning of gamer snacks, several horrible ideas have been weeded out (or many were thrown in the garbage).  What we are left with now can still be hit or miss, but it is starting to shape up to a brighter future.  GamerFood Inc. has released a new line of snacks claiming to improve your game while being a tasty alternative to the normal chips and pretzels.


GamerFood has released three snack foods aptly named Seeds of Victory (sunflower seeds), Cashews of Chaos (honey roasted cashews), and Nuts of Destruction (ancho chili lime peanuts). After tasting all three I can say that GamerFood knows what they are doing in the flavor department.  The cashews and peanuts both had a lot of zest.  The honey roasted cashews are sweet and a little salty; honey roast done right. The ancho chili lime has a bite to it and is probably the most flavorful of the three (I would down an entire bag). The sunflower seeds are just plain sunflower seeds… or so you would believe.

These gamer munchies are packed with a lot of the things that you would find in various energy drinks.  They throw ginseng, taurine, and caffeine in their flavor mix, with Vitamins A and B to give you an extra boost during those crazy LAN parties or gaming tournaments. Along with the energy boost to keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning, they actually seem to be fairly healthy.

Each of the snacks is less than 600 calories per bag, with Seeds of Victory coming in lowest at 240 calories.  Sodium stays under a gram per serving of GamerFood, which is rare for a snack food.  However, I am never seen eating just one portion and then quitting.  Go big or go home! With the Nuts of Destruction and Cashews of Chaos, I would easily tackle an entire bag and then probably come back for more.  The Seeds of Victory, however, take a little more work as they are still in their shells.  I have been working on a package of them for a couple weeks now; normally I stop when my jaw gets tired.

Sure, GamerFood snacks are mostly healthy for you, and yes they taste great, but I think where they hit you the most is your wallet.  For a snack food they seem to be a little pricy.  The online store does not allow you to order single bags, only groups of eight or a sampler of one bag of each flavor.  The orders of eight bags start at $23.99 for the Seeds of Victory and go up to $32.99 for the Cashews of Chaos.  The sampler will cost you $19.99.  For a food that you have to pay quite a bit for and then wait for it to be delivered to your house, you may be inclined to just run down the street to the local 7-11 and pick up a bag of chips for around $3.

Price aside, the product is a fantastic idea. With very little legitimate competition it would be wise for GamerFood to get their product into retail as soon as possible. If I were to go into a store for supplies for an all-night gaming extravaganza and had to choose between the greasy, fat laden potato chips or the honey roasted cashews, ancho chili lime peanuts, or caffeine coated sunflower seeds of Gamer Food, I think the choice would be quite obvious.  Head over to and pick up some refreshments for your gaming family.  They make excellent Christmas presents!

Gamer Food receives a 4.75/5.0

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