Developers Share Their Biggest Christmas Wishes

Every kid growing up wanted that one thing for Christmas that they just never got.  For me, it was the Transformers Constructicon set that had all of the robots to form Devastator.  Granted, my parents tried, getting me the Aerialbots instead because the stores never had the Constructicons in stock.  But they were only in one episode of the cartoon and just not as bad-ass as the big green meanie.  Everyone has had that “one thing” that they always wanted, including our friends at Twisted Pixel and Certain Affinity.  So I decided to find out what “that thing was”.  I think you’ll find the results to be entertaining.

Twisted Pixel

“I only ever just wanted a Nintendo, Super Nintendo etc.. I eventually ended up with a Sega, and down the line a Genesis.”  -Dan Bullock, Technical Art Director

“I think the most excited I’ve been was getting a NES for Christmas during launch. I remember playing Duck Hunt on X-mas day with the family and Mike Tyson’s punch out seeing my dad loose his mind at the dog.” -Tony Goodwin, 3D Graffiz Maker

“My first “real” computer was an Amiga 1000. Growing up, I longed for an Amiga 2000. It had way more memory! You could get a hard drive with it! Also it had a number that was TWICE AS BIG! Just imagine how quickly my Vista landscape renders would run, or how much awesome Midwinter would be at more than a frame a second!  I never did get it, but after a few years I ended up getting an IBM PS/1 for Xmas, running at a screaming 10Mhz. Learning how to hack the stupid “easy” frontend off to get to DOS and install Wing Commander was one of the big things that put me on the path I’m on today – probably second to getting that original Amiga 1000.”  -Dan Teasdale, Lead Designer

“As a kid, the thing I wanted most for Christmas was to go to my friend’s house, because he always got the newest systems and the latest games.  I was still rocking the Atari when he got his SNES.”  -Sean Riley, Lead Designer

“Metal Voltron.  Not the shitty plastic one.  And video games.  Didn’t matter which ones.”  -Mike Wilford, CEO

“NES with the golden Zelda cartridge”  -Dave Leung, Art Director/Lead Artist

“When I was around 6, I got it in my head that all I wanted for Christmas was a typewriter and a bowling ball. I was a weird kid.”  -Mike Henry, Lead Engineer


Certain Affinity

Tim Fields, Director, Certain Affinity, always wanted an Atari for Christmas. He got a Commodore 64 instead, and has been making games ever since!

“I always wanted a slightly smaller-than-life-size Star Wars Imperial AT-AT walker made from paper that I could climb in and drive. I tried making it myself, but I never made it past folding a large piece of paper in half and then giving up. I’m surprised no one has ever made one!” - Dan Rubel, Lead Animator, Certain Affinity

Mike Clopper, Sr. Designer, Certain Affinity also wanted an Atari for Christmas. He got a Guns of Navarone play set instead and still has it! Plastic army men rock!


So what was your most coveted Christmas present?  Feel free to share in our comments!

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