Mass Effect: Deception Set On Fire By Fans Due To Mass Errors

William C. Dietz, a sci-fi author who has penned numerous books including The Drifter Series, Halo: The Flood,  and a number of Star Wars: Dark Forces books is in the hot seat with fans today over Mass Effect: Deception.

The errors range from the technical to the canonical, and the community has become so outraged that they not only have started a shared Google Doc to list all of the discrepancies, but some have even gone so far as to burn the book and post it on YouTube!  Some of the more interesting errors include:

7. Asari are said to be asexual – In ME1 Liara describes Asari as mono-gender, all female species. [Error: Lore]

13. Quarian clothing – Quarians wear environmentally sealed suits to protect their weakened immune systems. They do not wear “a motley collection of clothing, held together by a variety of straps and metal fasteners”. [Error: Lore]

25. Anderson thinking that the Citadel trap had been sprung “so successfully” they were still reparing damage – The entire point of the first game was that you prevented that particular Reaper plan from succeeding. And the damage to the Citadel mostly resulted from Sovereign exploding. [Error: Lore]

27. Two volus are described as wearing masks that don’t completely cover their faces – This would result in instant death for a volus, as they must wear completely sealed environmental suits that provide both the ammonia atmosphere and high pressure they require to survive, and keep them isolated from the oxygen-nitrogen mixture breathed by other species, which is poisonous to them. [Error: Lore]

More can be read here.  The Google Doc is now up to 12 pages and growing.  Perhaps Mr. Dietz should have taken better notes when he was playing the game.  That is, if he did at all.  Regardless, the fan community is raging pretty hard about this ordeal.  While we can’t embed the video (we’re a PG site kids!), we can at least link you to the YouTube video depicting the burning of Mass Effect: Deception by a fan.

Let’s just hope that 343 Industries is taking notes about what fans do when canon is thrown out of the window.

Source: Kotaku



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