PDP Pull ‘n Go Folio For PlayStation Vita Reviewed

So you’ve taken the plunge and laid down some serious coin to be ‘that kid’ with the coolest toy from Sony, the PlayStation Vita.  You’ve bought your games, dragged it home, lovingly removed it from its cardboard entombment, charged it, and played it till it died again.  So now the questions beg, “Where do I put it when I’m done?” and “Where do I throw it when I want to take it with me?”  Surely you wouldn’t think of just tossing that massive 5-inch OLED touch screen and glossy black finished box with a mirror sheen into your backpack with those books, laptop, pens and pencils without the proper protection, would you?

We here at Wanderson75.net think not! So why not take a look at what a paltry $30 can get you in protecting that $250-$300 investment, with PDP’s Pull ‘n Go Folio for the PlayStation Vita.

At first glance, the Pull ‘n Go looks to be larger than those old CD binder of long ago, and in totality it is.  However, the beauty of this case is in its modular design.  The portion of the case that actually holds the PS Vita is held in by a couple of Velcro strips allowing for easy removal from the rest of the setup, and lets you carry just the essentials to wherever you’re going.  But for a longer haul, the larger case is just what you need.  First things first, let’s talk about PS Vita case itself.

The console case has a mailbag style design with a flap folding over the front which Velcros into place.  It’s built for durability with heavy duty stitching across the canvas to ensure that it doesn’t easily rip or tear.  The first thing you’ll notice, however, is when you open the case.  A hard plastic plate is embedded into the case which has four slots for games with the same color and finish as the game cards for uniformity.  The slots are built to securely lock the game cards in place and have a finger slot for easy removal.  The inner pocket is lined with a soft fabric to ensure that the touchscreen and finish aren’t subjected to abrasion.

As for protecting the Vita itself, PDP has solved that question without sacrificing the analog sticks by designing two slots where they go, allowing the unit to be securely seated in the pocket without risk of crushing the analogs.  A cloth pull tab allows you to remove the unit by simply pulling up, thus keeping you from having to dig your fingers inside the pocket to pull the unit out, or more dangerously, turn it upside down and shake vigorously as some people might be inclined to do.  The whole case feels sturdy while maintaining a profile not much larger than the console itself to be easily carried inside a backpack, purse, or the inside pocket of a jacket.

On the back are two Velcro strips that allow you to store the console case inside the larger case that is the Pull ‘n Go Folio.  There is also a bag seated below the console case to store your power supply.  On the opposite flap resides 19 elastic pockets for more game cards and two smaller pockets to carry your memory cards in.  Removing the cards from these pockets are a bit more of a chore; however, you can be assured that your game cards and those pricey memory cards will be well protected.  Folding the Folio in half and zipping it up, you surround your investment in a durable canvas shield that is pretty tough to crush.

The Pull ‘n Go Folio does have some minor drawbacks to it.  Most notably is the plastic zipper, which is sure to get worn out over time.  While I worked pretty hard at pulling it apart to see how easily it would break, the stiches holding the zipper in place and the zipper itself managed to stay intact.  Also, the memory cards are a bit more of a hassle than the game cards to pull free from their elastic enclosures.  It might have been more beneficial to house those in two tiny slots on the console case for easier access and have room for one more game in the main case.

Overall, for $29.99 retail, the PDP Pull ‘n Go Folio is an exceptional accessory for keeping everything together in one spot, while allowing you to take along only what you need for your ride on the bus, train or plane.

The PDP Pull ‘n Go Folio receives a 4.5/5.

***EDITOR’S NOTE*** A correction regarding price has been made.  The original article reflected a $19.99 price point.  The retail is actaully $29.99.  Apologies for any confusion.

Also, for the sake of delivering a complete evaluation of the Pull ‘N Go Folio‘s ability to protect your Vita, we asked our reviewer to drop his down a flight of stairs while in the case.  Unfortunately, he declined.

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