BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack

Today Bioware has announced the release date and contents of Mass Effect 3’s first multiplayer DLC package: the Resurgence Pack.  This addition to ME3’s impressive multiplayer is set to add a plethora of new content including six characters, two maps, and some powerful looking weapons.  Best of all though is the fact that it’s going to be completely free!  We have all the details below, so read on for more info… or wait patiently for a surprise when it launches on April the 10th.

First up, we have the two new maps: Firebase Condor, and Firebase Hydra.  The latter of the two, Hydra, takes place in a former Quarian colony on Ontarom that has been repurposed by the Alliance as a power-station.  Without the energy generated by this location, the Alliance communications in the area will go completely dark.

The former, Condor, is set on one of Palaven’s moons (which moon isn’t specified, though it shares a striking resemblance to Menae where a main story mission takes place) and is a strategic location for the defense of the planet. Losing this moon will give the Reapers unmatched access to Council space.  Both look like impressive maps, and will be available for play right at launch.

Next we have the six new characters, one for each class respectfully.  Two new species will also be joining the fight: the Batarians and the Geth.  The new additions are the Asari Justicar Adept, Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard, Geth Infiltrator, Batarian Soldier, Geth Engineer, and Batarian Sentinel.  These aren’t just re-skined classes though, oh no!  Each one will be bringing a new power or ability to the table, such as the Infiltrator’s ability to see enemies through walls or the Justicar’s ability to create a large biotic barrier “bubble” to hide in.

Our new operatives don’t jump in empty-handed either, as they bring with them some new firearms.  The Striker Assault Rifle is a weapon of Krogan design, shooting explosive rounds at a variable rate-of-fire (ROF), which is faster the longer the trigger is held.  Our Geth friends bring us the Geth Plasma SMG, which also has a ROF similar to that of the Striker.  For those seeking something a little more brutal, the Batarian made Kishock Harpoon Gun is a one shot weapon that can cause bleed-out damage in enemies.  A sneak-peak at these weapons, and the new character skills, can be seen in the trailer below .

However, there is a catch that some players will not be found of.  While the maps are playable from the get-go, the weapons and characters will need to be unlocked through opening packs in-game; the way non-DLC items are obtained.  While not too big of a deal, some players (like myself) will probably get frustrated trying to unlock the characters they want to try out through the gamble of buying packs.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the upcoming Resurgence Pack, a healthy boost to the entertaining multiplayer mode.  While having to unlock them by random chance will be an utter pain for some, once unlocked these add-ons will add some extra diversity and options to an already expansive online experience.

The resurgence pack will be available on April 10th, and the full details can be found on BioWare’s official blog.  Still on the fence about Mass Effect 3?  Check out our review for the low-down on the trilogy’s epic conclusion.

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