XSEED Announces North American Release Of Ragnarok Odyssey

Today XSEED announced that they will be porting the action RPG Ragnarok Odyssey for North American release on the Playstation Vita.  The title is based off of the Ragnarok Online universe (complete with Porings), which in turn is based on Norse Mythology.  The press release describes the game as:

An action-heavy RPG set in the lush landscape of the familiar Ragnarok Online universe, Ragnarok Odyssey is a fast-paced game with a heavy emphasis on melee combat. The game is set in a world where humans and giants are pitted against each other in battle following the death of the world’s ancient gods. Based on Norse Mythology, the world of Ragnarok Odyssey will begin to take form as players advance through the story, with new areas opening up as their journey goes on.”

So far looking like a mash-up of Monster Hunter and, well, Ragnarok Online, this is an announcement to get fans jumping excitement (I know I am)!  Keep your eyes peeled for more info as we receive it, and a full review around launch.

Ragnarok Online is releasing sometime in 2012, on a yet undetermined date.


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