Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack Announced

Fans of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer will be raising their weapons in the air today, as BioWare have announced the shooter’s next piece of MP DLC: the Rebellion Pack.  This package comes with new maps, weapons, characters, and equipment to bolster your online arsenal.

As many people had guessed from hints this last N7 weekend, the Vorcha are amongst the latest addition to characters, alongside male Quarians and ex-Cerberus operatives. Each of the six character bring a brand new skill to the table as well, to keep characters diverse.  The new classes are: Quarian Engineer/Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier/Sentinel, and ex-Cerberus Adept/Vanguard.

Our latest additions to the N7 teams bring along some new firepower as well.  Cerberus brings the Harrier Assault Rifle, a full-auto variant of the Mattock; the Quarians hand out the Reegar Carbine Shotgun, which improves on the Arc Pistol by using a constant electrical stream; and the vorcha head to battle with the Krysae Sniper Rifle, a Turian anti-material rifle that features a scope which automatically adjusts its zoom based on the target’s distance.

As with the last pack, two new maps are added as well: Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess.  The former is set on the Salarian homeworld of Sur’kesh and the latter takes place on the Asari homeworld of Thessia, both are locations players will remember from the main storyline.  Just like before, players will have access to these maps right at lunch, but the rest of the content must be unlocked via in-game packs.

So there you have it Mass Effect Fans, reinforcement will be deploying soon.  How soon you ask?  The Rebellion pack launches on May 29th, the day after the upcoming Operation Shieldwall.  Full details on the DLC can be found on BioWare’s Blog.

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