New Naughty Bear Title Announced

Fans of the cuddly cartoon violence of Naughty Bear will be sharpening their hatchets soon, as a sequel to the fluffy title as been announced by 505 Games and Behavior Interactive, entitled Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise.  Naughty Bear has once again been shunned by his bear pals, who have left for Paradise Island without him.  Thinking murderous thoughts, he heads out with his list of bears who wronged him to seek his revenge.

In terms of gameplay, the press release had this to say about the title:

Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise takes everything fans loved about the first game and brings an entirely new level of naughtiness.  Thanks to a completely over-hauled combat system, brand new leveling up system, equipment customization with thousands of combinations, and over 30 mission set across 11 distinct areas of Paradise Island, there is a whole new world for players to explore and unleash their inner-naughty in as many ways as they can imagine.

The announcement even came with a short teaser trailer, which is posted below.


So there you have it, gamers will be able to get their bear-killing need fulfilled when the title drops sometime this fall.

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