DMC Soundtrack To Be Composed By Noisia and Combichrist

Capcom announced today that the soundtrack for the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot will be composed by NOISIA and Combichrist.  A sample of NOISIA’s work on the Devil May Cry soundtrack can be found here.

NOISIA, a Dutch electronic music band known for their dubstep and house beats had this to say about working on the project:

“It’s been an awesome experience working with Ninja Theory on the game. We had great freedom but were also bound by certain criteria typical in the game world. These are challenging boundaries (for example; consistency in sonics over 180 minutes of music) but also lots of space in terms of dynamics & progression and instrumentation being able to create soundscapes without having to worry about holding the attention of a dancefloor. Their music director was great to work with, good vibes. It’s great when you get to play to your strengths. Also, the game kicks ass! “

“As an avid gamer myself I was honored to be asked to work on this project. I had a lot of fun digging myself into Dante’s psyche in order to create music to match the battle scenes and am equally as excited to license existing Combichrist music. I’m looking forward playing the finished game when it comes out.” said Andy LaPlegua, Lead Singer of the American aggrotech group Combichrist.


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June 27, 2012 - 11:18 am