ClaDun x2 Hits Steam

If you’re into dungeon crawlers, then today is your lucky day.  ClaDun x2, an Eastern styled adventure RPG from NIS, has arrived on Steam.  Originally a PlayStation Portable release, PC gamers can now get in on all the classic RPG action.

A presser has this to say about the release:

Game Information:
Dive back into the world of Arcanus Cella with a new cast and a new adventure! Take on the role of a wandering warrior trapped in a dangerous pocket-sized world filled with more monsters, more weapons, more dungeons and more danger than ever before—and there’s only one way out. ClaDun x2 has twice the thrills, twice the spills, twice the lovable classic-ness of the first!

Game Features:
•Explore a new version of Arcanus Cella with new characters and dungeons!
•Delve beyond dungeons and into Ran-geons, New-geons, and all-new Tri-geons!
•Upgrade your crew to infinity in order to keep the Main Character safe!
•Tailor your gameplay experience—customize your character’s appearance, weapons, and even the background music!

ClaDun x2 PC is available now on Steam.


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August 14, 2012 - 9:57 pm

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