Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer Available On September 25th

Konami have announced today that Pro Evolution Soccer 13 will be released in just over two weeks, on September 25.  This gives Konami’s effort a week head start on EA Sports’ FIFA 13.  Pro Evolution Soccer 13 will be bringing to the table “PES Full Control”, a new feature that will give gamers an “unrivalled level of control” including the ability to manually control every pass and shot.  The game also features ProActive ID, which “ensures players move and react as they would in real life, while the new Player ID system means that the world’s greatest players are instantly recognizable by how they look, move and play.”

Those who preorder the game will be given the choice of two steelbook cases for the game, one representing the South American Copa Libertadores, or one featuring the European Champion’s League.  The PES 13 pre-order steelbooks are available with purchase at any GameStop or EBGames in North America starting today.

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September 10, 2012 - 1:30 pm

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