Gearbox Does Good Things

I am at a point in my life where I at times find it difficult to believe in good deeds for the sake thereof.  I am inclined to cast a jaundiced eye upon such works as PR stunts, or anything but what it purports to be, which is unadulterated good.  In this world?  Please.  But every so often something comes along and proves the defensive stance of my ordinarily impenetrable Cynic Style isn’t without its weaknesses.  Every so often a practitioner of the Way appears and unleashes something so charged with altruism it should be preceded by ”Ah-tatatatatatata!”

Gearbox as an entity is the latest such.

Someone explain to me why we don’t hear more of this?  Gearbox is giving tribute to a fallen fan by including him in the game!   Oh, and in case you weren’t aware, they care enough about their fanbase to have pulled similar stunts before.   Who does this?  I can’t say I’m even being rhetorical!  Really?  Who does this??  I burned out on Borderlands, no lie.  I had a hell of a time, but that time came to an end concurrently with the floodtide of hacked weapons which swept across the servers.  I always liked Gearbox and really hoped their efforts went well for them, but I can’t say I was ever in a hurry to pick up the sequel.  Well, until now.  I don’t even know if I’ll even have time to play it, but to support a company who cares, yeah, I’ll drop the coin.

Here’s something for you, dear readers.  Go forth and find other examples of developers and publishers (guessing the latter may be a tougher one to pull off) doing similar Good Works for those humble souls who keep their doors open and lights on by shoving fistfuls of green rectangles down their throats.  The results should be illuminating, to say the least…

If you’re looking for a deeper dive on the Borderlands 2 dev team’s decision to immortalize one of the faithful, look here.

And in the event you’re possessed with an urge to also do Good Things, direct your eyes (and wallets) here.


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