Ohio State University Marching Band Puts On Video Game Half-Time Show

Now and then in life, I run across something which makes me look at myself and want to push the limits.  Something which inspires me to discover out how high I can soar.

And then I see things which clearly illustrates how puny and pathetic most of my accomplishments will ultimately be.  Things like what the Ohio State Marching Band pulled off this last Saturday,   Aside from it being an amazing feat of coordination, it proves that with skill, innate talent, and tons of practice, you too can be part of an enormous Pikachu.

The amazing footage of the event was captured by a fan at the event.  The OSU Marching Band put on a show featuring music from games such as Super Mario Bros., Halo, Legend of Zelda, and more with accompanying choreography on the field.  Take a look below!

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