Dead Space 3 to Include Four Unlockable Game Modes

With just a week to go until the release of Dead Space 3, more information is coming out regarding just what purchasers can expect to find on the game’s disc.

Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis has revealed that four additional game modes will await players upon completion of the game, including the fairly standard ‘New Game +’ option. Alongside this is a ‘Classic’ mode, which forces player to build weapons from blueprints and restricts them to classic-style aiming. ‘Classic’ mode also does away with the sequel’s much-vaunted co-op function.

The last two modes mentioned are aimed towards those who want more of a challenge from their time on Tau Volantis, with ‘Pure Survival’ changing the game’s structure so that only enemies drop supplies, instead of players also being able to find pick-ups in the environments. ‘Hardcore’, the final mode mentioned, gives players only one life for the entire duration of the campaign, and should probably only really be played by those who have a healthy supply of replacement controllers.

Source: Dead Space Dev Blog

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January 29, 2013 - 3:36 pm

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