Paradox North Unveils Magicka: Wizard Wars

This new title will allow you to destroy old friendships in all sorts of new ways.  Magicka:  Wizard Wars, being developed by Paradox North, is a player vs player multiplayer game based on Paradox Interactive’s slapstick sorcery franchise.  It is a team based game that features fast paced 4 on 4 gaming with dynamic spellcasting.  The game will feature pop-culture humour with a focus on competitive gameplay.

Two teams of four wizards can go “head to lightning bolt” on the field.  They’ll be able to cast a variety of magic spells and try to adapt their tactics on the fly in an attempt to defeat their opponents.  The winners of each mach will be the ones who can combine the best spell casts while avoiding friendly fire.

You will be able to battle according to whichever gaming time you have scheduled.  From a few quick rounds to relax and unwind to a 48 hour binge if you feel up to doing so.

If you’re interested in seeing what happens to our heroes when winter comes, you can view the trailer below.

“Magicka has always allowed for some unique gameplay and, with Wizard Wars, we’ve really captured the true experience of PvP wizardry.  When you put the team-focused, hardcore competition of online games together with characters whose attacks are fluid and dynamic – and then give teammates the ability to implode, freeze and fling each other by accident – it’s really something special to watch, and to play, and to yell at your friends about afterwards.”  said John Hargelid, Executive VP of Paradox North

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March 25, 2013 - 1:00 pm

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