RuneScape 3 Announced

Jagex has announced that their popular adventure game, RuneScape, will be launching its third installment this summer. The highly successful franchise has garnered more than 220 million players since its first release in 2001. RuneScape 3 will see quite a technological advancement from the past with a new HTML5 engine, improved graphics and audio and a new design.

Now that this game is coming into the 6th age, players will have the ability to shape their experience on how the game progresses. With this new way of playing, they’ll be able to feel as though they’ve been instrumental in the path that the game takes.

Although full details of the update remain closely guarded, RuneScape’s Executive Produce, Phil Mansell, gave the community a teaser of what’s to come. “RuneScape 3 is a massive update to RuneScape building on 12 years of content to make improvements on all fronts. RuneScape 3 is going to run faster, look better and feel so much more immersive.” The updates aren’t just limited to technology though. RuneScape’s Creative Director, Marek Ogilvie, commented “RuneScape 3 marks a significant moment in RuneScape’s history as the world enters the 6th Age. All our recent content updates have been building up to this point, massive change is coming, and our players will be able to shape the game with the choices they make. Every single player will have the ability to shape the world.”

More details about the game will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a look at the latest behind the scenes video below:

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March 25, 2013 - 1:31 pm

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