Execution Mode and a Free Multiplayer Map for Gears Judgment

Today, MAXIM and Epic Games have announced the return of Execution Mode in the multiplayer section of the new Gears of War Judgment game.  Also added is a free multiplayer map:  Haven.  This download is free for a limited time only.  The add-on can be added either directly from the game, the Dashboard Marketplace or from this link on the Xbox Website.

Execution Mode is extremely fun for those familiar with it.  In this mode all players will go down after one shot (unless hit by an instant kill weapon like the Booshka) and will revive after the bleed out timer runs down to zero.  What other players have to do is run up to the downed enemy and perform an execution on them to finish the job.  A very difficult thing to do while being shot at.

Also added for a limited time are special playlists within Execution and Haven will be available.  These playlists will offer a 200% XP boosts (300% for VIP holders).

Finally, there will be a title update rolling out for the game today.  More details on what the update includes can be found at the Epic Games Forums.

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April 1, 2013 - 10:52 am

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