Everquest 2: Scars of the Awakened Open Beta Begins Today

Everquest II’s expansion, Scars of the Awakened is coming in late April; however, fans of the game can take part in the open beta starting today.

In the new update, according to the presser, players will be marching under the New Combine army banner and will be able to journey further into the continent of Velious as they “breach the majestic region of Cobalt Scar; ultimately crossing paths with its foreboding Awakened Legion and uncovering the deep secrets of Siren’s Grotto.”

The new update will include:

  • Cobalt Scar: An overland zone, including new quests and collections
  • Siren’s Grotto: A new dungeon, including solo, group, and raid challenges
  • New Tradeskill quest line
  • New Tradeskill Apprentice recipes and daily tasks
  • Class updates (based on player feedback)
  • Contested PVP rewards

In the beta you’ll be able to copy your character over.  But be careful to save a copy of it as the servers will be cleared periodically deleting all current characters.  More information about the open beta can be found on the Everquest 2 website.

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April 2, 2013 - 8:17 pm

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