EVE Online Reaches 10 Years, Half-a-Million Subscribers


EVE Online, the game created by CCP Games, celebrates its 10th anniversary today.  With over 500,000 users worldwide, that’s quite an accomplishment.  EVE Online, launched on May 6, 2003, celebrated its anniversary with an in-game celebration which led to a new peak user record of over 65,000 people connected to the same server.

Unlike most online games, players were celebrating in the same connected universe.  For the last ten years, users have been using the same server cluster to ensure that all actions would ripple through the different solar systems of the EVE universe.  Players deeds, actions and friendships can have lasting effects on their reputations.

During the celebrations players were given special fireworks launchers and munitions so they could celebrate in style.  Players also received such items as character implants, avatar items and a “Sarum Magnate” frigate.

EVEOnline (1)

As an added gift for all active subscribers a new, powerful battlecruiser has been delivered to their hangers, the Society of Conscious Thought “Gnosis”.

EVEOnline (2)

Dust 514, Playstation 3’s free-to-play first person shooter, also marks the launch of its “Uprising” DLC today.  The DLC  brings with it some new graphics updates as well as game modes and weapons upgrades.  Uprising is the larges update for Dust 514 to date and is free to anyone with a PS3 and access to the Playstation Network.

CCP announce that the official launch of Dust 514 will be on May 14 and will escalate the struggle for dominance in the EVE Online universe.  Players will be able to co-operate with each other in order to gain the upper hand using both interstellar and planetary battles.

CCP also plans to release their 19th free expansion on June 4th.  EVE Online:  Odyssey includes a revamped scanning mechanic, a new user interface and rewards for finding and interacting with new sites hidden among the stars.  With the new update, players will feel as though the Universe is more alive and they’ll feel more challenged when exploring new paths within the Universe.

Players can view the new trailer for EVE Online:  Odyssey here.

More information about EVE Online and access to a free trial can be found at their website.  Dust 514’s website can be found here.

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May 6, 2013 - 7:04 pm