Lobo Character DLC Launches for Injustice: Gods Among Us


Ah, the unsung heroes of the universe.  Fans of the DC comics character Lobo will be happy to hear of the new Lobo DLC now available for Injustice:  Gods Among Us.

Lobo, a ruthless intergalactic bounty hunter, is best known to DCU fans for destroying his entire planet so he could be one of a kind.  The new character DLC is available now on Xbox 360 for 400 MS Points and will be available on the PS3 shortly for $5.

Also available today is the Teen Titans Skin Pack featuring Cyborg, Deathstroke and Raven Skins as well as a bad girls skin pack featuring Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.  Each skin pack is available on the Xbox 360 for 240 MS Points and the Playstation 3 for $3.

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