La Tale – Season 2: Storm Unleashed


OGPlanet has announced the long-awaited update to their MMORPG game, La Tale, has now been launched as Season 2:  Storm is now available.

La Tale tells one of the most important stories every… yours.  You begin in the kingdom of Elias where you have nothing but a quest and the road in front you.  During your travels, you’ll get more quests and find magical markers called the Stones of Iris which will guide you to the truths at the heart of the tale.  Using swords and sorcery along with futuristic technology you’ll find yourself completely immersed in this popular side scrolling RPG.

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The new DLC, Storm has a lot of new features such as:

  • Completely Revamped Gameplay - everything reworked from the ground up
  • New Hybrid Class: Soul Breaker - making a total of 35 unique classes to choose from
  • Classes Re-Imagined – now Second and Third Classes will be able to level up faster
  • Enhanced Skills – to make challenging bosses and monsters more fun
  • Unified Weapon Enchantment – with a new simpler interface
  • Quests and Towns re-mapped - with shorter routes, more challenges and rewards

For more information on the game and the updates be sure to check out the website.



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