Time and Eternity Coming to Europe This June, North America Afterward


Time and Eternity, exclusively for the PS3 is coming to Europe this summer to retailers on June 28th and to the Playstation Network on July 3rd.  The North American release will follow a few weeks afterward.

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Time and Eternity begins with you witnessing your own death at your wedding.  Then flashes back for you to investigate and track down your own killer.

The game takes place in the Kingdom of Kamza where a celebration is happening for the wedding between the kingdom’s princess and a valiant knight.  When a group of assassins arrive and mortally wound the knight the princess reveals her secret to him… she has two souls living within her and they can work together to travel through time.

Key features of the game include hand drawn characters and backgrounds for an RPG experience like you’ve never seen before.  Real time battles where each heroine has her own specialty.  Use swords, guns and time itself to take the fight to your enemy.

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May 10, 2013 - 2:32 pm