Scourge: Outbreak Coming to Xbox 360 July 3


UFO Interactive is unleashing Scourge:  Outbreak this summer for the Xbox 360.  Scourge:  Outbreak is a futuristic squad-based third person shooter using the Unreal Engine.  The game pits the mercenaries from Echo Squad against the Nagori Corporation in their bid to rescue a double agent from behind enemy lines and recover a meteor fragment from Nagori possession.  Convinced that Nagori’s “Ambrosia Fuel Technology” is the reason behind plagues that have been threatening to decimate the world, this may be Echo Squad’s only shot at stopping the Nagori Corporation.

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This game is the debute of The Scourge Project:  Episode 1 & 2, released to Window PC in 2010.  It has been vastly improved with a host of new features and enhancements.  These include re-vamped gameplay, smarter AI and new XP perks.

Key features of Scourge:  Outbreak include:

  • Four player co-op with over six hours of gameplay
  • Four different characters each with his own abilities and weapons stats
  • Squad AI for games with less than four players
  • Up to eight players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag online multiplayer

Scourge:  Outbreak is due to be released on July 3rd this year for 800 MS Points.  For more information be sure to check out the official website.

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