Disney Infinity Features Monsters University Play Set


Interested in a better look at the Monsters University Play Set?  Then look no further as Disney Infinity provides an in depth look.  This also includes a look at the never before seen Randy character.

Within the Monsters University play set you will be able to play as either Mike, Sully or Randy as you try to prank your rivals at Fear Tech.  In the game, both Monsters University and Fear Tech compete to see who has the most school spirit during Fear Week.  Do you have what it takes to bring your school to victory?

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Features of the game include:

  • Pranks, Humor and Customization – Use scare tactics to perfect sneak attacks and prank opponents.  Also customize Frat Row buildings and characters.  You’ll also be able to unlock bikes to perform stunts and tricks.
  • Play Set – The Monsters University play set has its own game play mechanics and pieces to add to the Disney Infinity world.  From a toilet paper launcher to the ability to ride on Archie the Scare Pig.  All of this can also be activated in Toy Box mode so you can create your own prank challenges as well as build and customize worlds.
  • Toy Box Mode – Mike, Sulley and Randy can all interact with the other Disney Infinity characters from The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars so you can create new adventures in your own customized worlds.

Disney Infinity is set to release in August this year for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii gaming systems.  Be sure to follow the game on their webpage, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.


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