Introducing Mass For Scourge: Outbreak

Scourge:  Outbreak has introduced on of the members of Echo Squad.

ScourgeOutbreak (24)

Mass, is a veteran of the British SAS who was disillusioned by the corporate corruption of the British forces.  He eventually turned to mercenary work for clients who had anti-corporate agendas.  Mass does have a secret though.  One that will put both himself and the members of his team in great danger.  But at the moment Nogari Corporation is his target for crimes against humanity.  He intends to destroy the company using their own Ambrosia technology.

Mass is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  His brute strength makes him the first choice for melee battles and allows him to control heavy weapons easier.  His Ambrosia suit lets him create a dynamic shield which can be used to break through thick defenses as well as absorbing incoming fire.  Finally, he can use a Static Shockwave which can devastate his enemies.  This uses a fair amount of Ambrosia but is well worth the price if you are surrounded with no other choice.


Scourge:  Outbreak offers the following features for gameplay

  •  Four player co-op with 6+ hours of gameplay
  • Four playable characters each with their own unique weapons skills and stats
  • Each character has their own specific flashback sequences to add to the story
  • Nine different types of weapons
  • Multiplayer for up to eight players online.

Scourge:  Outbreak is scheduled to release to the Xbox 360 console on July 3, 2013 for 800 MS Points.  Be sure to keep an eye on the website for more info.

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June 3, 2013 - 6:15 pm