Bound By Flame to be Showcased at E3

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Spiders Studio is set to debut its new game, Bound By Flame, at E3 this year.

Bound By Flame takes part in a dark fantasy universe where you play as a mercenary who is possessed to a flame demon.  During the game you’ll have the option to choose whether you will use the demonic powers available to you or if you want to develop heroic traits instead.  As you progress and the monsters and challenges get more difficult you’ll have to decide whether you want to give up portions of your sole in order to cultivate more power.  Your body will transform as the demon takes more control over you.

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Throughout the game you will receive quests around the primary campaign.  How much of the demon has control over you will determine what those quests are and how each chapter will play out.  This will make the game different for each player each time they play through it.  Players will also be able to specialize their character by unlocking and improving skills and powers through three different skill trees.

Players will be able to customize their characters through gender and facial characterizations.  This will influence what the emerging demon will look like.  You’ll also be able to create and improve armor and equipment as you progress through the game.  Developing friendships, loyalty or rivalry’s through the game will be available as well while you join up with several companions as you travel.  Be careful how you treat them.

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Among some of the creatures you will battle throughout the game are shadow dragons, liches, undead and ice creatures.  How you fight them is up to you.  Will you use the demons power or your own innate skills and bravery?

Bound By Flame is scheduled for release to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by the end of 2013.

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