Madden NFL 25 Debuts on Next Gen Consoles


EA announced a E3 on Monday that Madden NFL 25 will be debuting on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 gaming consoles at launch.  Madden NFL 25 will be run by the EA Sports Ignite engine and will be smartest, most realistic and detailed version in it’s 25 year history.

“We’ve never been more ready for a console transition than we are right now,”  said Cam Weber, General Manager of American Football for EA Sports.  “The development team is crafting the most impressive Madden NFL game we’ve ever made, and I’m extremely excited for fans to get their hands on it for themselves when the Xbox One and PS4 launch.”

The game will be coming with a slew of new features including True Step Locomotion, Player Sense and War in the Trenches.  Below you’ll find a brief over-view of some of the features in the new Madden NFL game:

  • True Step Locomotion – this feature calculates every step making for better control of your player.  Now you’ll be able to foot plant, cut and shift momentum in a more authentic way.
  • War in the Trenches – linemen are now more than just physical.  With this new feature they are intelligent.  They’ll now be able to make four times more decisions per second.  Offensive linemen can now sort and shift assignments based on threats and angles while the defensive side features three times more line moves as well as the latest blitz packages.
  • Madden Living World – now the game is more than just about what happens between the lines.  Watch the coaches and crowds erupt as you make your way to the end zone for a touchdown.  Follow the commentary by Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and the new sideline reporter Danielle Bellini as they follow everything about your career.

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