Jazz Boatman Update Ships Out for Leviathan: Warships

LeviathanWarships (2)

Paradox Interactive has released a free update for Leviathan:  Warships.  Jazz Boatman will update the game with enhanced gameplay, graphics and puns.

The game has been updated on PC, Mac, iPad and Android devices and now has a big shiny red jazz button that will start the jazz music for you.  Go ahead, press it.  I dare you.

Among other changes made to the game, Jazz Boatman, narrator of the Leviathan trailers will now do the voice overs.  As well, there are changes to the weapon damage and how they function.  Among other changes are the cost of ships.  Shortfin, Stingray and Spearhead ships will see an increase while Buzzer, Destroyer, Bullycruiser, Overlord, Atlas and Dreadnaught ships will see a decrease in cost.

Leviathan:  Warships is an action game where you build your own fleet of warships to compete against or co-operatively with friends to defeat the enemy.

For more information on the game and update be sure to check out the Leviathan website, Facebook and Twitter pages.


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