New Scourge: Outbreak Final Character Trailer Released


Scourge:  Outbreak is set to release to the Xbox 360 on July 3 for 800 MS Points.  Now, UFO Interactive Games has released their final character video.

Ramiro “Shade” Cortez is an Argentinian hit man with a mysterious past.  Shade has spent years searching for his kidnapped sister.  Now, rumors have surfaced that Nogari Corporation is responsible and that she may still be alive.  Shade will stop at nothing to get his sister back and get revenge on the Nogari Corporation.

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Shade has no recorded military history and he doesn’t talk about his past so no one knows where he acquired his skills.  But he is very good at what he does.  Shade’s accuracy is unmatched in Echo Squad.  Also, he has the quickest draw and fastest weapon switching of anyone on the team.  He can sprint longer and recharge his stamina faster; and when combined with his Ambrosia Suit abilities he is all but unstoppable.

Be sure to watch for this game on the Xbox Marketplace and check out the website for more information.


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