FRACT OSC Now Backed by Indie Fund


The team at FRACT are happy to announce that they are now being backed by Indie Fund.  Indie Fund was created in 2010 by successful indie game developers in order to help other indie developers financially so they can stay independent.  Some games they’ve successfully funded include Monaco, Antichamber, QUBE and Dear Esther.  With the help of Indie Fund, the developers are hoping to put the finishing touches on FRACT OSC and out to the public in 2013.

Another piece of good news is that FRACT OSC has been greenlit.  That’s right folks, when the game is released it will be heading to Steam.

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In FRACT, players will be able to solve puzzles in a world built on sound.  Rebuild the forgotten machinery and create your own sounds and music in the game.  Explore a vast open world with real-time control over sound in a game that draws its influence from such game giants as Myst and Tron.  FRACT is being developed by Phosfiend Systems, a game studio based in Montreal, Canada.


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July 4, 2013 - 1:45 pm

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