Be Incredible With Disney Infinity’s Incredibles PlaySet

Disney Interactive has unveiled a new look at their The Incredibles Play Set.  Now you’ll be able to play as either Mr Incredible, Mrs Incredible, Violet or Dash in the Play Set as you battle against Syndrome and his evil minions (no they’re not yellow and they do not sing).

In the Play Set, The Incredibles will add their own game play mechanics and pieces to the Disney Infinity world.  You’ll be able to showcase the powers of The Incredibles family and Syndrome.  All super powers will be able to be activated in Toy Box mode which will allow you to build and customize worlds around the characters and use their super powers while interacting with other Pixar characters.

In Toy Box mode Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Dash, Violet and Syndrome can interact with Disney and Pixar characters from movies such as Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars so you can create all new adventures in your own customized worlds.


The Incredibles is one of the playsets that you can purchase and use on Disney Infinity when it releases on August 18 along with Monsters University and Pirates of the Caribbean Play Sets.  Disney Infinity will release to the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC.

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