EVE Online: The Epic 4,070 Player Battle of 6VDT-H Detailed


EVE Online experienced their largest space battle ever this past weekend.  Eight grueling hours of space warfare culminated in a total of 4,070 players battling for their factions.

The release of EVE Online:  Odyssey is what began this conflict at 6VDT-H between the CFC Coalition and TEST Alliance.  The expansion pack was meant to redistribute natural resources throughout the universe.  Unfortunately, it seems as though the players had other plans in mind as a war declaration was made and the battle commenced.  You can read the war declaration at this website:  http://themittani.com/news/war-cfc-invades-fountain.


EVE Online has created a blog detailing some of the information on the battle.  With over 4,000 participants in the battle, the game was forced to implement its ‘Time Dilation’ system which slows down the system time to allow the servers to process all of the commands being inputted at once.  For much of the battle, in game time was slowed to one-tenth real-time speed. In the end, the top alliance coming out of the battle was the Goonswarm Federation, notching over 670 kills.  No real world monetary value in lost hardware has yet been tallied, but it’s sure to be impressive when the numbers finally come in.

If you’d like to try the game out, you can take part in a 14 day free trial at the EVE Online website.

The EVE’s Alliance Tournament XI is still going strong.  The tournament pits the top player Alliances against one another with their own assets on the line.  This Saturday and Sunday will be the final weekend of the tournament and more information about the livestream and commentary can be found here.  Previous matches and commentary can be found on EVE Online’s YouTube page.

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July 31, 2013 - 2:09 pm

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