National Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas – Day 1

Star Trek Day 1 Feature

I arrived at the Rio Convention center excited. Honestly this is my 6th National convention and only my first in the new location. So while I knew what to expect, I didn’t KNOW what to expect. Today for me was going to be a “Walk the floors, get acquainted with everything, and prep for the big stuff on Saturday and Sunday” day. You see, while the convention is 4 days the big stuff is always on the weekend. That is not to say that the presentations and booths I saw today were not worth the money or the effort!

Star Trek Day 1I sat in on John Paladins panel on how he does the Klingon Make-up used on Micheal Dorn and the like. The panel was really informative. John spent time explaining the difference in materials, the advancements of the industry and even how to purchase your supplies so you would get the most out of what you are using. The beauty of a panel like this, I think, is that it transcends even just the Star Trek convention. Make-up application for costumes as bold as a Klingon head piece almost exclusively come out looking one of two ways. Either damn near pro quality or…. My 10 year old sister got mom’s make up and helped me. With panels like this you get the tip and tricks of someone who put Worf’s head piece on for something like 10 years, and you don’t have to get up at 5 am and deal with a half asleep actor for nearly a decade. Free learning!! Yay! There is also a down side… You now know how to make yourself or anyone you know look like a KLINGON…. So… Jury Duty just became a breeze to get out of…

Baliff:  “Is there a reason you think you would not make a good juror?”

You: “Yes, I believe humans are a week race and would not survive a week at Rura Penthe, which is where ALL criminals should be sent. Without the possibility of parole.”

I mean, if he can’t get past the ridges on your head, the bigoted race hatred of the Klingons will keep you out of McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuits for years to come.

After wandering out of the Paladin Panel, I stepped into the Mecca of all Star Trek fans. The vendor’s hall. Each day I will write about one or two that caught my eye. Today, It will be “Star Trek: the Official Starships Collection” from Eaglemoss Publishing Group and “Restoring the Bridge”. OK, let’s get started!

The “Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection” is the most ambitious collection of its kind. With more than 140 ships currently planned and talks of more after. Eaglemoss has taken the CG of each ship from all the shows and movies and meticulously gone over each detail to produce a die-cast model of each ship approximately six inches in length and with a stand that holds it with no holes punched in your replica. Bob Robinson, the man behind the models, tells me he gets an original of each ship, he then goes over for accuracy, he gives them notes on what should be changed, a phaser array here, a docking port there, and they then send him another. After a long process of back and forth he finally has a finished ship, including paint that looks AMAZING. Look for more from us on this collection as I personally will be keeping an eye on what they are making.

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Next was the Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Restoration Project. This is also an ambitious project in that the parts needed to restore the Ncc-1701-D’s bridge could have been costly. The display they have set up at the convention is impressive. I did actually sit in the Captain’s Chair. I only wish it had been in a quieter room. The pieces are meticulously restored down to the decals and markings you probably couldn’t see on TV. Sort of like the GNDN pipes in all the ships… (Goes Nowhere Does Nothing, and yes they are marked with that. GNDN) the chairs and panels are all restored with great care and I am told the bridge will have its own home in the future where anyone can see it as that was there goal. To restore the bridge for everyone to see and be able to touch and walk onto. Be sure to check out for information as to where this display will find its home and to even donate to their cause.

For now that is all from Commander Hal. I’ll give you another update after day two! Follow me at @halandfen on Twitter to keep up with what I am doing or check back on this page for live twitter updates and possible photos.

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  • James Cannon

    Oh, about the bridge, you left out a very important fact: all the consoles will be operational and interactive, as will the view screen when they are finished. Its going to be one hell of a rebuild.