America’s Army: Proving Grounds To Launch This Summer


The U.S. Army has announced today that America’s Army: Proving Grounds is set to launch this summer.  This next version of its official Army game will be available on Steam on August 29, 2013.

As with previous games, America’s Army will showcase army values, teamwork, training and completing objectives that reflect the soldier’s creed.  The game will stress small unit tactics along with training that are similar to true to life scenarios.  You’ll be able to take part in training exercises including 6 vs 6 battledrills as well as larger scale Forward Line Operations for 12 vs 12 players.

“We built America’s Army: Proving Grounds to appeal to novice as well as experienced America’s Army players,” said Marsha Berry, Project Manager for America’s Army.  “For AA fans we are bringing back some of the much loved maps from AA2 and also introducing a new map style that’s smaller and more focused, allowing players to be much more thoughtful and strategic in their gameplay.  For new AA players, the intuitive style of gameplay will allow players to gain experience and confidence much easier.  Our emphasis on teamwork will allow new players to succeed, and allow experienced players a new level of depth in how they wish to strategize with their clans and train for competition.”

For those that want to take the experience further, you’ll be able to check out the America’s Army comics online.  You can also access the America’s Army comics app through iTunes and GooglePlay.  For more information on the game, be sure to check out the website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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