SolForge Digital TCG Moves to Open Beta with Release of “SolForge: Core Set”


Stone Blade Entertainment has announced their upcoming game, SolForge, is now in Open Beta while waiting for full release.  Stone Blade Entertainment who are responsible for the game Ascension have partnered with Richard Garfield the creator of the highly successful card game, Magic: The Gathering, to create SolForge.  The game is a free to play cross platform digital card game available to both iPad and PC via the Steam Network.

The game will allow players to put together decks and play against other players or the computer AI.  There are 180 cards that will be released with the initial download with plans for more cards to be released with future updates.  SolForge was funded in a Kickstarter campaign last year.  More than 7,000 backers kicked in $429,000 towards the set goal.  That’s 171 percent of the original goal.  Until now, the demo was only available on iPad and in a closed PC beta.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to bring SolForge to a wider audience” said Justin Gary, founder and CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment, “Our entire team is made up of lifelong gamers, and with SolForge we were able to create the kind of game that we’ve always wanted to play.  This release is only the beginning,” Gary added, “We have big plans for SolForge, and we’re already hard at work on more features to make the game that much better.”

As well as the collection, deck building and online play within the game, Stone Blade Entertainment does have plans to add tournaments, drafting, trading and a single-player campaign to future updates.  They are also planning support for iPhone and Android devices.

SolForge takes place on a world whose sun has gone dark.  The SolForge is a mystical spire that is the only source of light and heat.  As a Forgeborn, you will fight as part of one of four factions trying to take control of the spire.  Use mystical creatures and powerful magic spells to gain dominance.  For more information on the game or to download the beta check out the website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

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