KontrolFreek Delivers Knockout Combo with FPS Freek Vortex

FPS Freek Vortex (1)

KontrolFreek, makers of such gaming peripherals as FPS Freek, Speed Freek and other performance gaming accessories, have announced the addition of Vortex Freek to their lineup of controller add ons.

FPS Freek VortexThis newest addition to the Freek line-up pairs two different thumb sticks for your controller, one slightly higher than the other.  The first one for the right thumb stick is 0.49 inches tall and provides better leverage and accuracy.  The second on the left thumb stick is 0.30 inches tall and is designed for you to have a better grip and manoeuvrability without the extra height.

Both grips will have a different surface as well.  The right stick is convex to provide you with more precise aiming and the left is concave to provide you with a better grip and handling.  Although both sticks are different in size and use, both have soft, comfortable rubber pads with a swirl design that will add grip as pressure is increased on the thumb stick.

“FPS Freek Vortex was forged from feedback provided by KontrolFreek’s passionate community of gamers, many of whom mix and match various FPS Freek styles to create this popular combination which they believe is the strongest pairing for most first and third-person games,” said Ashish Mistry, KontrolFreek President and CEO.

The FPS Freek Vortex are designed to work with both the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers but are also compatible with other third-party controllers.  The set retails for $13.99 and can be purchased from www.KontrolFreek.com.

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September 11, 2013 - 1:35 pm