The Monsters of Drox Operative

DroxOperative (3)

Soldak Entertainment has revealed three new monsters in their PC RPG game, Drox Operative.  The three monsters are Disruptor, Cesto and Peacekeeper and will be part of the upcoming Invasion of the Ancients expansion pack.

DroxOperative (2)


Disruptor:  The Disruptor are another version of the beam wielding Talon, but much more dangerous.  Missiles are deployed from them that will disrupt weapons systems and delay the recharge.  This will slow down your ability to fight back.  They hunt in small swarms for organic prey.

Special Abilities:  Disruptor Missile.


DroxOperative (1)Cesto:  The Cesto Overlord are always watching and hunting for organic matter to infect.  Be wary of their goggle-shaped ship.  The Cesto aren’t the most vicious of Overlord but they are abundant.  Enemies will be overwhelmed by their large numbers and viciousness.  Energy is stored for a massive and devastating ballistic attack that will usually finish off the enemy after many attacks from the smaller stings.

Special Abilities:  Massive Railgun


DroxOperative (4)


Peacekeeper:  The Peacekeeper Legion fight their enemies by firing a slow MIRV.  The MIRV will then split into many fast missiles.  Do your best to destroy the MIRV before it splits into the smaller missiles and wreaks havoc on your ship.  Keep your eyes peeled for this because Peacekeepers travel in packs and you might miss the MIRV in the heat of combat.

Special Abilities:  MIRV


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