Capcom Heads to the New York Comic Con 2013

Capcom is heading to New York for Comic Con 2013 this weekend and they’re not coming empty handed.  Fans will have the opportunity to try out the latest game demos at their booth (#1604).  Games like Strider and Dustforce will be available as demos as will Ducktales Remastered for those who have not yet had the opportunity to try out this remastered classic.  Monster Hunter fans will also be able to gather at the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate lounge where there will be photo ops and a seating area with charging stations to enable players to easily join up and quest.


Strider returns to the console with a digital release for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.  It is a side scrolling action game that takes place in Kazakh City.  You play as Hiryu, the youngest recruit to achieve Special A-Class in the Strider program.  You are a master of sabotage and assassination and must eliminate Grand Master Meio who holds the planet under his oppressive rule.  You’ll sport a plasma charged weapon called the ‘Cypher’ that can take on a number of properties.

The game features lightning fast combat with an arsenal of moves and weapons to help you in your battles, Plasma Cyphers to scorch or freeze your enemies in their tracks or deflect their bullets.  You’ll also be able to jump, climb and run through the game world with the agility of the ninja and be able to call on your allies, Eagle and Satellite Bot, who will provide support and access to out of reach areas.



You are an acrobatic janitor and are adept at getting rid of dust and disorder.  Leap and dash of walls and ceilings to help you clean each level.  This game was originally released to the PC and Mac but is now making it’s début on the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360.

The games features include online multiplayer support for King of the Hill for 2-4 players and 2v2 player Survival.  There will also be Gamepad support, Trophies and Achievements as well as PS3/PS Vita cross saves.  With 56 levels you’ll be able to master your clean up moves from early gentle exploration stages to intense challenging maps.

  For more information on this event and other games, be sure to check out Capcom’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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