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Activision Declassifies Vita Black Ops Game With New Trailer

Activision today unveiled a trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.  Read On »


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PSOne Classics Coming to PlayStation Vita This August

Today the Vice President of Sony Network Entertainment, Eric Lempel, announced via the US PlayStation Blog that the v1.80 update for the PlayStation Vita will bring PSOne Classics to the portable console, among other features. Read On »


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Remember Me – Trailers and Screenshots

Updated 27-February, 2013. Read On »


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Crytek Shows Off CryEngine 3 With Crysis 3 Tech Demo

Crytek today released a new tech trailer showing off the insane level of detail that the CryEngine 3 is capable of with a new tech demo of the upcoming sci-fi shooter, Crysis 3.  Read On »


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Konami Releases Patch for Silent Hill HD on PS3 – Xbox 360 Out Of Luck

Konami today announce the availability of a patch for Silent Hill HD Collection on the PlayStation 3 that fixes frame rate and audio sync issues, among other problems.  Unfortunately, for Xbox 360 users, their patch has been cancelled due to “technical issues and resources” Read On »


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Zen Studios Dates Zen Pinball 2 – Teases Mystery Table Reveal At PAX

Zen Studios announced today that the long awaited Zen Pinball 2 will officially release on the PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on September 4th via the PlayStation Network. Read On »


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Warner Bros. Interactive Announces Game Party Champions For Wii U

This holiday season, Warner Bros. Interactive will be joining in the line up of launch titles for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U with Game Party Champions.  Game Party Champions will feature arcade, sports, and party games.  According to the presser, Game Party Champions will lets gamers, “compete in classic games such as ping pong and skill ball, and modern favoritessuch as table hockey and hoop shoot.” Read On »


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From Tristram To Torchlight – An Interview With Max Schaefer

This last June, Gamer Living sat down with Blizzard co-founder and co-creator of the Diablo franchise, Max Schaefer.  After he and Erich Schaefer left Blizzard in 2005, they teamed up with Fate creator, Travis Baldree, and started up Runic Games in 2008 (after their first studio, Flagship Studios, went defunct).  In 2009, they created a new dungeon crawler called, Torchlight. Torchlight quickly became a favourite amongst fans of the genre and spawned a port to the Xbox 360 console seven months later in May 2010.  Two years later, the Beta has concluded for the upcoming sequel, Torchlight II, which is slated to be released later this year.  Will Anderson and Erik Miller sat down with Mr. Schaefer to talk to him about Torchlight II, as well as his thoughts on Diablo III. Read On »


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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Now Available On Android

Gamers that can’t get enough of Call of Duty’s zombie action can now get their fill on the go with Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies now on Android OS.  Sony has a 30-day timed exclusive on the application limiting it currently to the Xperia devices such as the Xperia PLAY, Xperia ion, and Xperia S. Read On »


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EA Sues Zynga Over “Unmistakable Copy” – The Ville

Zynga has drawn the attention of one of the video game publishing juggernauts, Electronic Arts, with their game, The Ville.  EA is suing the publisher for copying and misappropriating “distinctive expressive elements of The Sims Social in a violation of U.S. copyright laws.” Read On »


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