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Forza Horizon Demo Drops October 9th

Microsoft today announced that the demo for Forza Horizon will be available for download on Xbox Live this October 9th.  As an additional bonus, gamers who download the Forza Horizon demo will also unlock the 2013 SRT Viper GTS which was designed to highlight “Forza Horizon’s ‘gone-gold’ status” Read On »


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New A World Of Keflings DLC Announced

If you’re jonesing to get some fresh content for A World Of Keflings then you will be getting your fix soon, as Ninja Bee announced that a new expansion is coming soon – who’s theme was selected by fans in a contest earlier this year. Read On »


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Original Mass Effect Coming To PlayStation 3

Bioware today announced that Mass Effect will finally be arriving on the PlayStation 3 in the upcoming Mass Effect Trilogy; a compilation title containing all three of the Sci-Fi action-shooter-RPG. Read On »


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Lorne Balfe Returns As Skylanders: Giants Composer – Soundtrack Out Now

If you enjoyed the music of the smash hit Sylanders: Spyro’s Adventure then you’re in for a treat, as it was announced today that composer Lorne Balfe has returned to pen the original score for the sequel Skylanders: Giants.  As well, the soundtrack for the upcoming title is available now for digital download – in case you want to give a listen a little early. Read On »


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Injustice: Gods Among Us Slated For April 2013 Release

Warner Bros. Interactive today announced today at the Tokyo Game Show that Netherrealm’s upcoming DC Universe fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us will be releasing in April of 2013. Read On »


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BioWare Announces Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

Today is a good day for Dragon Age fans, as BioWare announced that the next title in the series will be coming in about a year.  Entitled Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, the game is set for a late 2013 release. Read On »


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3G/WiFi PlayStation Vita Coming To Canada

Canadian Vita users will soon be able to take their multiplayer gaming experience everywhere, as the 3G/WiFi models will be hitting shelves on October 3rd – less than a month away. Read On »


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Spicy Horse Games Reveals Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Spicy Horse Games today announced a new action RPG for PC entitled Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.  Alongside the announcement comes the first gameplay video, vivid concept art, and even a closed beta sign-up. Read On »


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SteelSeries’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Peripherals Are Now Available

Fans of Counter-Strike will be cocking their weapons in joy today, as SteelSeries have launched their line-up of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gear.  Including a mouse, mouse pad, and keyboard, the collection comes decked out with camouflage patterns and the game’s logo.  The gear list is as follows: Read On »


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Thrustmaster Announces Ferrari 458 Italia Cockpit For Xbox 360

Thrustmaster today announced that pre-orders are now being taken for a premium steering wheel setup for the Xbox 360; the Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit 458 Italia Edition.  Read On »


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