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Things To Do While You’re Not At PAX

For those who are visiting (or even locals) looking for something to do in Seattle before or after PAX, here’s a list of some things to check out. Read On »


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Microsoft E3 2012 Media Briefing in Review

E3 hasn’t even begun yet and already things are off to a rolling start with Nintendo’s pre-announcements and Microsoft’s media briefing.  Microsoft made some interesting announcements, opening up with a much-anticipated Halo 4 trailer with gameplay showing off a jungle and a new set of enemies while the player was tracking down a crashed landed ship.  Overall, it was a trailer that sent thrills down the spine, really setting the tone for the entire briefing. Read On »


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Spartan IVs Seen In Halo 4 Campaign?

While performing our review of the Microsoft E3 Briefing and going through our photographs, we noticed something interesting; what appears to be a second Spartan in the Halo 4 Trailer. Read On »


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N7 Weekend Ahoy! Operation Shieldwall

My fellow N7s, Congratulations!  We’re officially boned. Read On »


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Tempting the Fates of Time: Tempest Book Report

Jackson Meyer has led a relatively normal life up until recently.  He’s got a job, he goes to school, he has a girlfriend… and then he discovers that he can travel back in time.  Unlike most time travel stories, this seems to be more of a glancing back in time, interacting with people, yet never able to change the course of events.  At least that seemed to be the case until he and his girlfriend are attacked one night and she is fatally shot.  In a flash of panic, Jackson manages to jump away from the scene and finds himself trapped two years earlier and unable to leave. Read On »


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Shadows in Flight – A Book Review



Back in 1977, Orson Scott Card wrote a gem of a short story called Ender’s Game which he expanded into a full length novel in 1985.  This tale captured the minds of readers around the world.  Telling the story of Andrew Wiggin, Ender’s Game presents the life of the third child in a family living in an overpopulated world that is under siege by an alien race.  These Buggers invaded Earth twice before and humanity barely managed to fend them off.  Enlisted at an early age, Ender (Andrew’s nickname earned from his sister’s inability to pronounce Andrew properly) is to train with the best and brightest children from around the globe in the arts of war and tactics.  Their sole goal: defeat the aliens, the greatest threat humanity has ever known.  While Ender trains at the Battle School space station, readers are introduced to several other key characters in the Ender saga, one of whom is Bean: a brilliant but tiny child who becomes almost a confidant to Ender throughout his story. Read On »


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Toronto FanExpo Day 3 Wrap-up

Day 3 for Gamer Living.  Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we did!

Editor’s Note: We want to thank everyone that attended and let us take photos.  Toronto is truly a mecca for gamers and fans of everything geek!  Special thanks to Elias Toufexis, Konami, Ubisoft, and Warner Brothers for spending time with us.  We’re looking forward to posting all of the awesome stuff in the coming days thanks to you!

~Gamer Living



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