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So… Are You Fallout 4 or Not? The Survivor2299 Hubbub


I remember when I was a little girl, my brothers used to play this dirty little mind trick on me to get me all riled up. They’d whisper fake words into each other’s ears, and as soon as I got close enough to barely make out what they were saying, they would both whisper (albeit slightly louder to make sure I heard): “Don’t tell Rachel.”  It drove me nuts. I just had to know what… Read On »


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25 Hours Can Truly Make a Difference! Join Us For The Extra Life Marathon.


Gamers usually start out falling in love with video games at a very young age. I know I can’t remember a time when I didn’t play, so it makes sense that we would encourage and support our youth through the same medium that makes us feel so young at heart. And what better way to do that than to take those games and do a marathon for children who need our support the most, because… Read On »


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Garry’s Incident – Bad Reviews Happen (Opinion)


Recently, TotalBiscuit (The Cynical Brit) released a video explaining why his review of a game by Wild Game Studios entitled Day One: Garry’s Incident was removed from public access. So, why is everyone so upset about one video taken down from YouTube? The answer is a simple one, and it enrages game reviewers all over the world: if it can be done to one review, it can be done to them all. Wild Game Studios… Read On »


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Healthy or Hurtful? Gaming Addictions in the Gaming Community


We’ve all been there: just one more level, just one more boss fight – just one more hour. But when does gaming turn from a casual day-off activity into an all-consuming, life-altering experience that negatively impacts the gamer? Video game addiction comes in many forms, and the more educated we are about it, the less likely we are to fall victim to it.


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Interview with Matt Levitan – Sony Director of Marketing and PR for Canada


While on site at E3, I had an opportunity to sit down with the Sony Director of Marketing and PR for Canada, Matt Levitan.  We found a spot upstairs in the Sony section and chatted a bit about how he is taking in all the new developments with Sony, and even theorized about what kinds of things he may want to see in the future for the gaming community.


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Catch This Kickstarter Game Before It Drifts Away – Fathom Hands On

We think we know the world we live in, but what if we don’t?  Think about it: over three-quarters of the Earth is made up of water.  Can you really say you’re a true explorer, if you only know such a small portion of the world around you?  Take the plunge and dive deep into the depths of Fathom – a new Steampunk-themed game set in a beautiful, 2.5D underwater world.  Read On »


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PETA, Pirates, Pokémon, and You

Shiver me timbers, mates! Batten down the hatches, PETA’s off the starboard side! Hop on the ‘mature games having mature content’ bandwagon and join me, as we explore the big controversy behind Ubisoft’s latest announcement – the release of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Read On »


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Razer Edge Gaming Tablet – Worth it or Wasteful?

Razer EdgeFeature

It looks like tablets are trying to win the hearts of PC gamers yet again, with the release of the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet, courtesy of Razer. This nifty little gadget is specifically designed as a mobile unit with the PC gamer in mind – and it’ll cost you $1000 or more for it. If you’ve got the cash, they’ve announced today you can pre-order this little bundle of joy starting March 1, 2013.


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Sponsored Stories on Facebook: Users could get up to $10 each!

We’ve all seen the status updates and mass amounts of newsfeed posts or messages regarding Facebook and their privacy policies, or how they use our information. It’s been so overdone that nobody really pays attention to it anymore. Until now.

On January 26, 2013, many U.S. citizens who have Facebook accounts received an interesting email in their inbox from ‘’, regarding a potential to be counted for a $10 settlement regarding the class-action lawsuit against Facebook, on behalf of its users.  I’m sure most of the people who received this message fluffed it off as useless junk and deleted it outright – tossing it into the pile of unwanted fake anti-Facebook spam in cyberspace. Read On »


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The Internet War – Which Side Are You On?

The recent events surrounding Aaron Swartz, Anonymous, MIT, and the U.S. government has caused a complete uproar in all directions over the World Wide Web. The last three weeks have seen the best and worst responses to the concept of a free and open Web. Which side of the argument do you find yourself on? As technology grows and adapts, we find ourselves arguing the moral debate that all knowledge brings us to: how much knowledge is too much? Do we wish to simply be blinded by mediocrity, excel past the point of stability, or find a middle ground? Read On »


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